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Mennonite Man Building Brick Wall

I woke up refreshed and full of purpose.  I had memorized my to-do list, and knew the most efficient order.  My desk was organized and I was ready for business.

I got my son off to school and went for a four mile walk.   I was nearly home when one of the neighbors, a farmer, stopped to talk with me.  I met his new bull (Franz, 780 pounds when he was weaned) and the new puppy (Fritz, the Australian Cattle Dog, four months old).  I heard how 50 head of cattle is too much right now because the hay is running low.   I found out there are now 20 cats at the farm, but not a mouse or rat in sight even though the cats eat two bags of cat chow per week.  I learned that the farmer’s very bright son was accepted to agricultural college and starts next fall with a $7500 scholarship.  That’ll cover a small part of the $24,000 tuition.  

I know a lot about that farm and I love hearing all the news.  I got home an hour and a half later.

As I sat down to my desk, a call came in from another farmer.  I’ve been photographically documenting the process of building their new milking parlour for several months and learned that a new wall was being constructed today, and that I should get over there before the wall was finished.  I did, and it turned out the person building the wall was Mennonite, and as a rule they don’t like to be photographed.  I respect that, having grown up near Lancaster County where there’s a large Amish community. So the Mennonite man and I talked for about 45 minutes.  He was fascinated by my camera and asked many questions about it, and I was equally fascinated by his brick-laying abilities and asked him many questions.  Before he finished building the wall, he said I could take his photo as long as he was working rather than posing.

I got home an hour and a half later.

It’s 3:05 p.m. and I’ve just finished this post that should’ve been done by 10:00 a.m.  And I’ve remembered I need to buy a money order at the post office, from my good friend the Postmaster, Eileen.  I’ll make it home in time to meet the school bus at 4:00 and then start making dinner.

There’s always tomorrow.

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