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And Ye Shall Know the Truth

I’m a radio junkie.  I learned the habit from my parents, who always had a radio on in the house or car, and my older brothers who had transistors stuck to their heads as they listened to the big hits of the 60s.  By the time I had my own radio, Top 40 was on FM, but I graduated to prog-rock at the ripe age of 11.  

I love listening to AM, FM, even shortwave.  I have a huge Grundig Satellit 800 on my desk!  One of the reasons I enjoy roadtrips so much is because I get to find new stuff on the “dial” as I travel through different towns.

While driving through New York state last weekend, I heard an AM radio ad for an anti-aging facial cream which was clearly being promoted to women.  An actor posing as a husband said, “It’s like looking at a photo of my wife from twenty years ago!”

If a company uses actors in “testimonials” for their products, aren’t they lying about the product?  (Yes.) Why would anyone believe a paid actor? (I don’t think consumers stop to think they’re listening to actors, especially if they’re inclined to buy the product anyway.)  Why can’t the company use real testimonials? (The product isn’t that good and/or it costs too much to find “real” people.)

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