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Boston Terrier at the 2007 Westminster Kennel Club Show

I read an excellent article by Kathy Kristof in the Morning Call newspaper yesterday called “Resolve to Spend Your Money on Things that are Truly Meaningful.”  Here’s what stood out to me:

♦ Close your eyes for two minutes and think about what makes you happy.  What gives you energy and fulfillment? Are you in a room full of stuff or a room full of friends? Are you in the wilderness? At a resort?

♦ How close is this to how you live your life?

♦ The room you’re sitting in is probably full of stuff that has to be paid for.  And the picture in your mind might be about people and experiences, not stuff.

♦ Everyone has limited spending power.  When you buy one thing, you’re giving up another.  Are you happy with your choices?

♦ If you don’t have a values-based system to filter the hundreds of marketing messages you get everyday, you can get pulled into acquiring stuff out of habit.  Starbucks on the way to work everyday, for example.  ($5 x 250 days = $1250!)  It’s faster to buy coffee than brew it, but is your life’s goal to get to the finish line first?  Make sure your habits aren’t robbing you of the chance to reach more precious goals.

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