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Eat More Bananas Overnight

Never mind that if you spell “resolution” backwards, the ending is “loser.”

I always make one New Year’s resolution in October.  By January 1st, I know whether it’s viable or not and I don’t torture myself afterwards.  That seems like a fine way to start a fresh year.

Based on a poll of 1,000 Americans over the age of 18, about 70 percent make New Year’s resolutions.   The majority vow to lose weight (28%) or work out more (12%).  The others say they’ll quit smoking, save money, get a new job or eat healthier.  One in four say they are “very successful” at keeping their resolution.   Half are “somewhat successful.”

The ones who succeed track their progress by charting and recording their behavior. The more specific the better — a measurable goal is key.  Additionally, they set goals that are reasonable to achieve. 

My resolution in October 2007 was to start a second blog and so far, so good!   The “charting and recording” portion is built into the blog format so that’s one less thing to labor over.  And it feels reasonable to scribble down thoughts from my over-active brain a few times a week.

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